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Champion Box Company, Inc. of Cedaredge, Colorado designs and manufactures a complete line of portfolio cases, presentation folios, and storage boxes for protection, storage, transportation or, presentation of your watercolors, oil paintings, photographs, etchings, documents, or other valued treasures.

The Artmate™ line of artist and photographic containers are made from corrugated plastic sheeting. Chemically, the sheets are inert (acid free), with a neutral pH factor. The extruded twinwall sheets are made from high impact polypropylene copolymer.

Most oil, solvents and water have no effect on the material, allowing it to perform under adverse conditions. The opaque sheets have virtually no out-gassing and, keeps harmful sunlight (and UV rays) away from your stored artwork. Making for a near perfect archival material that is lightweight, durable, and inexpensive. All Artmate™ products are available in a variety of colors.
A variety of useful art, home, and office related products!

Wide range of art & office products:
  • Portfolio cases in 12 sizes
  • 3 sizes of studio folios
  • Flat folios
  • Presentation folios in 4 sizes
  • Notefolio
  • Reportfolio
  • Filefolio
  • Infofolio & Mailfolio
  • Wet Canvas Carriers
  • Wet Painting Panel Carriers
  • Custom tattoo stencils
  • Dualfolio
  • Photo storage/filing boxes
  • Utility Case 
  • 3 sizes of water color boards
  • T-shirt boards
  • Display/project boards
  • Media Kit
  • Mailers for CD, DVD, disks
  • Reusable Art Shippers
Artmate Notefolio
Champion Box Company can fill your needs for custom products too. Our in-house design, CAD and die-cutting results in high precision finished products, following your ideas and instructions. Don't hesitate to contact us to discuss your custom/proprietary product needs.

Shopping online can bring you a lot of benefits, so once you've placed your online order for one of our custom products of visited an online fitness store for a good deal on a gym equipment rest assured you have already saved a good sum of money and lot of time.

Champion/Artmate sells wholesale to dealers only. Follow this link for a list of retail outlets that sell our products nationally.

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Dealers are encouraged to sign-up for a free Artmate™ catalog and price list. Check out our great product line while you're here.

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