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lightweight tough modern contemporary styling
Artmate Portfolio SeriesThe Artmate™ Portfolio Series represents a whole new concept in portfolios.

Rigid construction from specially formulated polypropylene plastic provides protection of your artwork that is impact resistant with unlimited flexing of natural hinges. These featherweight portfolio/briefcases are incredibly strong and stylish. All models have dual latches and a top carrying handle.



The Artmate™ portfolios come in 12 popular sizes and are available in a variety of colors. Five large cases have an additional side handle for easy under arm carrying.

Colors: Blue, Navy, White, Clear, Yellow, Brown, Gray, and Black.

12 Popular sizes:

  • 12"x16"x2"
  • 14"x18"x1.25"
  • 15"x24"x3.5"
  • 17"x22"x1.25"
  • 18"x24"x1.5"
  • 20"x26"x1.25"
  • 20"x26"x2.5"
  • 22"x30"x1.25"
  • 24"x32.5"x2.5"
  • 24"x36"x1.25"
  • 29"x41"x2"
  • 32"x42"x1"

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