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slim economical durable
Artmate™ Flat Folios are a sleek and more economic alternative to compliment the Portfolio Series. The carry space within the Flat Folio is 1/4 inch. Making it ideal for transporting or storing a limited number of art sheets.

The Flat Folio from Champion-Artmate.Flat Folios are available in 2 sizes to accomodate artwork of up to 20"x26" and 24"x36". Velcro fasteners keep the contents safe while maintaining the Flat Folios slender dimensions. A tucking handle flap makes it comfortable to carry and adds one more way to keep contents safely inside in case of an "oops."

Artmate™ Flat Folios are manufactured from 2.6mm high density corrugated plastic. An inert, pH neutral material that is incredibly light weight and can also be used for long term storage of delicate art materials.

Colors may also be mixed on carton quantities. Colors available: Black, White, Clear, Blue, Navy, Yellow, Brown, and Gray.

Sized for artwork up to:

  • 20"x26"
  • 24"x36"

Flat folios are available in a variety of colors.

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