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made of tough corroplast    long lasting storage
Photo of Artmate PresenFolio series.The PresenFolio by Artmate™ is constructed of acid free, pH neutral, 2mm corrugated plastic. The naturally hinged top flap is secured with two, Velcro dot fasteners.

PresenFolios make a great storage box for photographic slide pages, magazine storage, scrapbook items, and 8"x10" (even some 9"x12") framed art or photographs fit neatly inside. Most light and harmful UV is sealed out. Since virtually no out-gassing occurs from corroplast, these containers are an economic solution to archival storage needs.

Artmate™ PresenFolios easily stack or stand-alone on shelves. They'll fit into standard filing cabinets as well.

Standard Sizes:

  • 9.5"x12"x1"
  • 9.5"x12"x1.25"
  • 9.5"x12"x2"
  • 9.5"x12"x3"

Sideview of Artmate PresenFolio.

Assorted colors available.

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