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acid free pH neutral convenient storage
12 inch scrapbook papers fit snug and secure in the Artmate Paper Tote.Artmate™ offers a complete line of totes especially designed with the scrapbook enthusiast in mind.

Choose from a variety of totes for storage of paint pens, watercolor markers, paper, and smaller boxes for utensil storage too. Even a recipe box that can also be used for a variety of home or office uses. The entire line of Artmate™ scrapbooking totes are, of course, made from corrugated plastic to give the user years of trouble-free service.


Pen Totes available in 3 sizes: hold 24, 60, or 100 pens. Side and top loading paper totes for 8.5 x 11 inch papers. Artmate Ruler Tote box can store much more than just rulers.

Totes are available in 8 colors: Blue, Navy, White, Clear, Brown, Yellow, Gray, and Black.

Here's a tip:

  • You can decorate these totes with paint or markers for a personal touch.





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