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use with or without an easel rigid lightweight

Watercolor Boards from Artmate can serve as a convenient laptop easel.Artistic creativity usually comes as a result of spontaneity. Having a basic set of tools on hand to record your artistic ideas with at any given moment can increase productivity. The Artmate™ Watercolor Board can become an invaluable tool as a portable, laptop easel or, as a backing for your watercolor paper when working with an easel.

These lightweight, durable Watercolor Boards are 6mm thick (slightly less than 1/4 inch). Because they are made from the same high strength, impact resistant corrugated plastic, they are easily cleanable. So besides holding your art paper you can even use the Watercolor Board as an extension of your palette to mix paints on, form your brush tip, etc. A convenient cut-out for carrying makes the Artmate™ Watercolor Board the ultimate in a portable, low cost easel.

Watercolor Boards are available in 3 sizes. White in color.

Watercolor Boards come in 3 sizes:

  • Full size for 22"x30" paper
  • Mid size for 18"x24" paper
  • Half size for 22"x15" paper

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