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What You Need to Know about Child Custody Issues

When your marriage is broken down, it is very important not to lose your kids’ happy childhood because of the divorce you all are undergoing. Both family lawyers and divorce lawyers in Georgina can become your legal mediators in this difficult period. Here are some tips about child custody and other issues that must be defined if you are divorcing.

What Is Child Custody?

By child custody divorce lawyers and family, lawyers understand the right of the parents to decide the rights and the essential questions, related to their kids’ life. This means education, dwelling, and access, financial and property rights, religious issues - everything, that is important or can affect the child’s future. That’s why all the related to custody topics must be deeply considered, discussed and properly documented with the help of the family lawyer Georgina or a local divorce lawyer.

The essential principle of dealing with all the children-associated topics in court is to keep to the best interest of the kid. That is why these sensitive issues require much attention and legal focus of the family lawyer because he or she is expected to recommend the right custody type and individual approach to either plaintiff or defendant in the divorce lawsuit.

Types of Child Custody

There are several types of child custody that family lawyers Georgina can offer you to consider. Fortunately, the most common is joint custody. This means that parents are able to cooperate with each other and with the assistance of their divorce lawyers Georgina can come to the full agreement on all the interconnected subjects.

It’s reasonable and better for your kids and all the family members to come to this amicable agreements still on the stage of separation, your divorce lawyer Georgina can tell you. Wherever you agree with your spouse about the joint legal custody or shared custody, also known as physical custody, it would be the best to keep connected with your kids. Shared custody means that both parents should spend a minimum of 40% of their time with kids which is almost the same as they could have had while living as the family before.

There are also divorce cases when sole custody is recommended by your divorce lawyer and further decided by the court. This means that only one of the parents has custody of the kids. Children stay with this parent and the other parent can have access scheduled individually.

The last but not the least type of the child custody that family lawyers Georgina can assist you to receive is called a split custody. This typically means that both parents have custody of different kids in the family because older kids after they become twelve years old or older can decide with whom from the parents they would like to stay in the future. In the case of younger kids divorce lawyers, Georgina does not advise to separate siblings in the family.

Finally, it is worth to mention that your family lawyer Georgina or any other reputable divorce lawyers throughout the province will recommend their clients to reach all the necessary and significant parenting agreements without going to court. Such an attitude can save much nerves and money to all and will be less stressful for the kids.

Your divorce lawyer Georgina can always become the useful and qualified legal family mediator in your attempts to negotiate and come to compromise deciding the issues related to the future of your kids. Your family lawyer has been trained to resolve disputes to the best possible results. This professional skill can help you on your way to mutual agreement.


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